A2B Systems, Inc. Review

A2B Systems Inc Review
Licensing Information
MC number: 426174
US DOT number: 2228884
Company Address
121 Spruce Valley Lane
Jeffersonville, KY 40337

A2B Systems Inc. is a nationwide auto transportation broker based in Jefferson, Kentucky. The company arranges door-to-door auto transportation services to locations around the country. A2B was established in 1995, and currently specializes in transporting vehicles for residential customers, moving companies, businesses and car dealerships in the area. The company’s top management claims to have over 50 years of combined experience in the auto transportation industry.

Large Agent Network

A2B uses a network of over 120 agents around the country to transport vehicles on behalf of customers. All truck operators and agents that work for the company are fully licensed, bonded and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The company is a fully accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. It enjoys a solid reputation for on-time vehicle delivery and the overall quality of its customer service according to an A2B Systems review by the BBB.

Free Online Quotes

A2B Systems Inc. offers customers the choice of shipping their vehicle in either an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. Customers can obtain a free quote from the company’s main website by submitting the details of their move online. In order to obtain the quote, potential customers are required to submit their full names, contact information, vehicle pick-up and drop off locations, and vehicle details such as the make, model and body type.

Fast Transit Times

Customers can use A2B to transport their car, SUV, minivan or any other passenger vehicle to any location inside the United States. The company even offers a premium service for transporting exotic vehicles, sports cars, antique automobiles and other high-end vehicles. A2B does not guarantee transit times, but says that it can do coast-to-coast transfers in about 10 days, and interstate moves in less than one week.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have offered an A2B Systems review on sites such as Epinion.com and TransportReviews.com have tended to describe its service in glowing terms. According to one A2B Systems review, though other moving companies offer cheaper rates, A2B is worth its price because of the company’s overall customer service and support. A2B’s main web site contains fairly limited information about the company. So, customers interested in learning more about A2B Systems Inc. will need to refer to the FMCSA’s website or to other sites such as BBB.com and Epinions.com.