Auto Transport Companies

Auto transport companies have increased in importance recently as the internet has connected car buyers across the country. Car transport companies provide a safe, inexpensive and efficient way to ship a car from state to state without taking a road trip or bearing the liability from trusting a stranger with taking your car on the road. The car shipping companies we work with are insured, reputable and use licensed, reliable drivers to move your expensive cargo with as little risk as possible.

Technological advances in transporting cars have made the process of hiring and using auto transport companies even simpler. The quote box at the top of this page allows you to get an instant estimate of your shipping costs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Car shipping prices will vary based on the type of car, the running condition of the car and the starting and ending points for the car’s journey. Many carriers also provide the ability to track your car’s movement across the country from your computer, similar to tracking a package using a domestic freight carrier.

Auto Transport Companies and Reviews

Read our reviews of some of the leading auto transporters in the industry, then get a free quote from us today to connect to car shippers around the country.

Benefits of Hiring Car Shipping Companies

Besides saving you time and money, you save the wear and tear of the long drive on your vehicle and on yourself. And, even better, car shipping companies provide enclosed transport options – instead of being exposed to rain and dust on the freeway, your car is carried under cover and arrives in the same condition you left it. Your car will be protected from rain or snow, and clean as a whistle.

If you are moving overseas, international car shipping companies can save you days of dealing with the bureaucracy that is involved in organizing overseas shipping and the accompanying taxes, customs duties and import/export paperwork.

Auto Transport Companies’ Delivery Methods and Options

Auto transport companies have a variety of methods to use for transporting a car between locations. Some transport companies use car hauler trucks for the initial pickup and delivery to the final location, but use train transport to move the cars between transport hubs. Others use truck haulers for the entire journey and pick up cars along their highway route. Many car shipping companies also provide the option of shipping cars internationally, whether to other countries in North America by road or rail, or across an ocean using shipping containers and freighters.

Before shipping a car using auto transport companies, it is important for you to first prepare your car for transport. The car needs to have a fuel tank that is at least half empty, and the car itself needs to have the alarm system disabled. You also need to remove your personal items from the car, as car shipping companies are not willing to accept responsibility for personal items in your car. At the time of pick-up, you will verify the condition of your vehicle and sign off on an inspection report. The transport company will provide a firm deadline for delivery of the car, as well as documents outlining policies and guarantees if the deadline is not met. A similar inspection will be completed at the time of delivery, at which point the balance of the transport charge will be due.

An auto transport company is the best way to get a car across the country – or even between countries — when you change homes or purchase a car from a distant seller. Auto shipping companies can often provide this service for a lower fee than you would spend on hotels, food and fuel during a long road trip to your new destination. Use our free quote service in the box above and receive an instant price estimate for your future transport needs.

All vehicle shipping companies have to be licensed and bonded, and have compulsory public liability insurance requirements. You can be confident that your vehicle will be taken care of and arrive safely at your new home. Get your free quotes from licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced car shipping companies by filling out the form at the top of the page now!

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