Aim Logistics International Review

Aim Logistics International Review
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23 Mohamed Said EL Halwani St.
Nozha, 11361, Cairo, Egypt

Aim Logistics International is a full-service air and sea cargo transportation company based in Cairo, Egypt. The company provides freight forwarding, warehousing, Customs brokerage, road transportation, and container transportation services to locations around the world. In addition to commercial cargo, the company is also licensed to transport heavy items, dangerous goods, medicines and vaccines, garments, perishable items and certain types of livestock.

Sea Freight

The sea freight division of Aim Logistics International functions as a freight forwarding agent to help customers transport goods between Egypt and different countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and North America. Like other companies in the industry, Aim Logistics accepts less than container load (LCL) orders, full container load (FCL) orders and break-bulk cargo. The FCL option is designed for customers who have a full container load worth of items to transport and require a container exclusively for their own use. The LCL option is meant for customers who only have a limited amount of items to ship and do not mind sharing container space with other customers. Aim’s break-bulk option is for customers who want to ship non-containerized general cargo, such as machinery, automobiles, timber and other items stored in boxes, crates, barrels or drums.

Air Freight Services

Aim Logistics’ airfreight division offers import and export services involving cargo such as garments, medicines, perishable products, one-day old chicks and oversized items. The company offers direct shipment services from manufactures and suppliers to customers and distributors. Aim Logistics uses its warehousing facilities to help airfreight customers consolidate multiple loads and ship it to different destinations.

Land Freight Destinations

The company’s land freight operations meanwhile are focused on providing inland transportation services to destinations in Gulf Cooperation Council countries. As part of its land freight service, Aim helps customers transport goods between Egypt and locations in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco and Jordan. The company offers door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services to a handful of other locations in the Middle East as well.

US-based customers looking for an Aim Logistics International review will be hard pressed to find one since the company does not appear to be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).