Auto Transporters Secrets

There are auto transporters secrets that you should be aware of before you begin shopping around. They help you better understand how the car shipping industry really works.

Auto Transporters: Brokers

One of the biggest secrets among auto transporters is that many broker out their shipments. With some companies, the shipping company that you choose may not be the ones that actually ship your vehicle. If the company that you choose is not going where you need it to, they will post the job on the load board. Most transporters share one universal load board that has all of the vehicles that need shipping, along with the details of the shipment. Any auto transport companies can view it and, should they be going that way, take the vehicle. This enables a car to be transported as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible rate.

That being the most important of auto transporters secrets, the most surprising of these secrets would be that there are several companies that actually do not have any trucks of their own – these are typically called brokers. Conversely, there are shippers that will not accept any work that they can’t complete with their own trucks. Whether you choose a broker, or an auto transporter, make sure that the company who will be moving your car are fully licensed, bonded, and insured when you are receiving quotes.

Low Quotes and Major Destinations

The lowest quote is not always the best rate to choose. Should your auto transporters post your job because they can’t accommodate you, another company may not pick up your vehicle if the quoted price is too low. This particular secret could affect how long it will take your vehicle to arrive. Be sure to compare car transport services as well as prices before choosing an auto transporter.

Shipping to and from major cities will greatly increase your chances of having auto transporters available to transport quickly. Not to mention, there may be a discount for moving a car along a commonly travelled route. However, not every auto transporter will advertise this discount up front, so ask for it if necessary.

Transporting your vehicle is important, so uncover all the secrets before you decide.  Get started with a free car shipping quote from licensed, bonded, insured auto transporters and don’t let secrets cost you time or money.