Car Moving with a Moving Truck

Sometimes, people consider car moving with a moving truck. Although, at first, this seems like it might be a good idea – the truck is big, your car should fit inside, and you’ll be able to move both your belongings and your transportation with one moving truck, using a moving truck to move your car along with your possessions is NOT the best way to move your car safely.

Concerns with Using a Moving Truck for Car Moving

First, there’s the matter of whether the car will fit into the moving truck. Even if you’re able to measure both car and truck ahead of time in order to determine whether the car will fit into the moving truck, you must make sure that your car moving company has insurance which will cover the value of your car should it be damaged during transit. Although professional auto transport companies are required to insure your vehicle for its full book value when car moving, regular moving companies, which specialize in moving households, typically do not have adequate insurance for this purpose.

The second concern you face when car moving with a moving truck is how you negotiate the auto transit with the car shippers. Car moving companies are likely charging you by weight, and not only will a car add several thousand pounds to the bill, but you must make absolutely certain that their truck is going to be able to support the weight of your car, as well! This might be OK if you drive a small car, but if your car is a larger size, you may have cause for concern.

Once you’ve determined that your car will fit into the moving truck, you’ll have to decide the best way to pack your belongings and car into the same space in such a way that neither car nor objects will be able to move during transit. Anyone who has been on a bumpy road driving at fast speeds knows how easily small objects can be thrust from side to side, and boxes packed with possessions are not easy to secure if they aren’t uniform in size and packed tightly. Adding your car to the mix is an almost guaranteed recipe for disaster.

Loading a car into a moving truck also requires preparation, and, in some cases, might require a loading dock just to make sure the car can drive into the back of the truck! Once inside the truck, the car will have to be carefully secured to make sure it doesn’t move during transit, and you will have to hope for plenty of clearance on either side of the car (hopefully packed with protective gear) to keep your car from bouncing from side to side.

In all these cases, the money saved by using a moving truck rather than a professional car moving service is negligible, especially when one takes into account how much extra worry you’ll have during your cars’ journey to its destination. By filling out the short form above, you can obtain free, instant car shipping quotes from professional car moving companies in your area, and make sure that both your possessions and your vehicle arrive in great condition at their (and your) destination.