Car Transporters vs. DIY

Car transporters vs DIY: having your car driven cross country is a common quandary. After all, the road trip is part of American mythology; a rite of passage undertaken by teens and young adults who want to experience the majesty of their country’s wide open spaces, harking back to another age.

Unfortunately, this idealistic view of car transport doesn’t take into account the complete lack of professional protection afforded to either car owner or driver in this situation. As a car owner, allowing your auto to be transported by an amateur, no matter how close a friend or family member might be, is a grave risk that we advise our customers against taking. Although, on the surface, compared to car transporters, this might seem like a cheap option, the long-term costs to both you and your auto can be huge.

Using Professional Car Transporters

Rather than entrusting your car transportation to an individual who most likely does not carry the proper credentials or insurance to make a long-distance car delivery successful, we recommend taking advantage of qualified car transporters in your area who can help you arrange for the safe, speedy, and professional delivery of your car. Having your auto reach its destination safely is, as anyone who has had their car moved knows, only part of the process of transporting your auto across a long distance.

Professional car transporters have access to the proper equipment and personnel to ensure that your car is protected during its journey. Car shipping is a federally regulated industry with stringent requirements for operators, all put in place to protect you and your vehicle. By hiring a professional auto transport company, you can ensure that your vehicle makes its trip unscathed, or, if an accident does occur, that it will be covered by insurance and not cause for additional financial hardship on your part.

With the form located above as a starting point, you can begin your search for car transporters with just a few details about your car and the particulars of its journey, including start points and destinations. You can then contact the companies we have recommended to get more details about their procedures for shipping your car from one location to another, including the method of shipment, expected delivery date, and insurance information that will help you achieve peace of mind. By comparing and contrasting services from several different auto insurance companies, you can make sure you obtain the best bargain (both in terms of low price and high service) from car transporters with enough experience to ensure that your car has a safe and pleasant journey, while you are able to go about your business with peace of mind.

Looking for friends or relatives to drive your car on a long journey may seem like it will spare you time and expense, but, in the end, there are too many ways for this to cause you undue headaches and financial hardship. Using professional car transporters helps you have a better moving experience.