Evergreen Marine Review

Evergreen Marine Review
Company Address
Taiwan, China

Evergreen Marine Corp (EMC) is a large international shipping company based in Taiwan. EMC was established in 1968, and, over the years, has grown into one of the largest shipping companies in the Far East. The company is publicly owned and currently has offices in 10 countries. It offers shipping services to more than 240 locations in 80 countries around the globe.

Large Network of Service Routes

A significant portion of Evergreen’s revenues comes from its east-west service network. Evergreen Marine offer several services linking ports in southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea with ports along the U.S. east and west coasts. The company also has an extensive network of services between Asia and South Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. EMC operates a separate north-south service linking Asian ports with ports in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the shipping giant offers regular feeder services to ports in India and the Caribbean.

Container Fleet

Evergreen Marine Corp currently operates a fleet of 160 container ships ranging in capacity from relatively small vessels to giant container ships capable of carrying well more than 8,000 twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) containers. Evergreen specializes in transporting perishable goods and frozen foods. The company prides itself on maintaining one of the large inventories of computer-controlled reefer containers for transporting raw and fresh foods around the world.

Partnerships and Alliances

In addition to owning a large fleet of container vessels, EMC also operates container terminal facilities at several ports around the world. The company’s largest container terminal facilities include the 5th Container Center at Kaohsiung in Taiwan, the Taranto Terminal in Italy and the Colon Container facility in Panama City. In recent years, Evergreen has entered into partnerships with numerous port and terminal operators as part of a bid to expand its terminal utilization capabilities. The company has also invested heavily in computers, wireless and Internet technologies in recent years as part of an effort to bolster its scheduling, fleet management and cargo tracking abilities.

Solid Reputation

Evergreen’s U.S. operations are handled by Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp, a general service agent for Evergreen as well as Italia Marittima and Hatsu Marine. According to a Evergreen Marine review by Hoover’s magazine, the company had revenues of over $3.5 billion in 20102 and is regarded as a leader in container shipping not just in Asia, but around the world as well.