Far East Shipping Company Review

FESCO Review
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Russia, Moscow, Serebryanicheskaya

The Far East Shipping Company is Russia’s largest privately owned intra-modal shipping company. It was established in 1880, and has been continuously operating for more than 132 years. The company offers a full range of logistics services, including shipping by road, rail, sea and air. It also offers a wide range of cargo handling, warehousing, freight forwarding and related services at numerous ports around the world.Britain

Russia’s Largest Logistics Provider to North America

The FESCO Transportation Group is the largest ocean carrier and logistics provider between North America and Russia. The company is licensed to transport a very wide range of containerized and non-containerized cargo. The company’s ships are equipped to carry both load-on/load-off cargo and roll-on/roll-off cargo. As a provider of inter-model services, the shipper helps coordinate truck and rail connections from inland locations. In addition, it helps customers pack, crate, label, and warehouse their goods at the shipper’s numerous storage facilities throughout the world. FESCO prides itself on being a specialist in transporting oversize cargo, including project cargo and modular housing between the U.S. and Russia. It also offers a range of specialized shipping services for the oil, natural gas and mining industries.

Terminal Operations

The FESCO Transportation Group operates numerous state-of-the-art terminals in Russia, the United States and nations in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Some of the terminals come with fully-owned maritime rail and motor transportation facilities for transporting goods from the port to the final inland destination. FESCO also maintains large stevedore operations at some of the biggest ports in Russia and in CIS countries.

Shipping Fleet

FESCO’s fleet of ships include container vessels, bulk-shipping vessels, ice-breakers, charter vessels and massive Ro-Ro ships that are capable of carrying roll-on cargo of up to 80 metric tons in weight. While the company’s container services are available worldwide, its Ro-Ro service is restricted largely to ports in Japan, China and Russia’s Far East. Typical service frequencies range from two to four trips per month in most of the ports that the company offers service. The Russian shipping firm operates a tramp fleet of 40 transport units that are equipped to carry any cargo. Unlike FESCO’s container line service, the tramp ships do not follow a regular schedule and are, therefore, available for use upon request in many cases.

Summa Group

According to a FESCO review in the Journal of Commerce, a Russian trading and investment firm called the Summa Group acquired a majority stake in the Far East Shipping Company for about $1.5 billion last December. Summa eventually hopes to acquire about 70 percent stake in the shipping company over the next few years, according to the Journal of Commerce.