Ship Your Car Now Review

Ship Your Car Now
Licensing Information
MC number: 714617
US DOT number: 2246825
Company Address
2200 N Federal Highway #206
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Ship Your Car Now is a Boca Raton, Florida-based car transportation broker. The company arranges to have cars, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles transported to destinations around the country and to international locations as well. The firm enjoys an excellent reputation for customer service and is one of the few in the business to actively list customer testimonials on its main website.

Dependable Car Transportation

The company prides itself on providing dependable car transportation services at relatively short notice. In most cases, the company says it requires only a three to five day notice period to arrange car transportation for a customer. Often, it manages to find a driver in less than two days, according to the company. Unlike many brokers, Ship Your Car Now does not require customers to make an advance deposit when booking their transportation. Instead, all initial fees become due only after a driver is actually dispatched to a customer location.

Guaranteed Pricing

The company accepts credit card payments for its initial fees, but requires cash, cashier’s check or money order upon delivery of the vehicle. All quoted prices are guaranteed. According to several customers who have offered a Ship Your Car Now review, the company is one of the few that does not change its prices after it has given an estimate.

International Shipping

The company accepts orders for shipping cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats from the United States to overseas locations. As part of its international services, Ship Your Car helps customers prepare their vehicles, fill out customs documents, and obtain adequate maritime insurance coverage. Customers who ship their vehicles to international destinations can check on the location of their vehicle at any time by calling the company’s international dispatch department.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Ship Your Car claims that it works only with moving companies that are fully licensed, insured and bonded. All drivers need to show proof of insurance and their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration identification cards before they can work for Ship Your Car. In addition, the company itself is fully licensed and bonded by the US Department of Transportation.

Customer Reviews

Customers looking for a Ship Your Car Now review can easily obtain one from the company’s main website. Many of those who have offered a Ship Your Car Now review have high praise for its customer support, honest pricing and punctuality. Ship Your Car Now offers free online estimates for customers looking to use the company to ship a vehicle to a domestic or international location.