Transporting a Classic Vehicle

Transporting a Classic Vehicle

Transporting a classic vehicle can be a little more complicated than shipping a typical modern vehicle due to the rarity and value of a classic vehicle.

Current model vehicles can be transported with relative ease. Vehicle transport companies can recommend the most cost effective method of transport based on distance, vehicle weight, and the potential cost of various methods of shipping, while knowing that their insurance will cover the cost of repair for any damage which takes place along the way.

Protecting Your Investment

Classic vehicle are parts are often difficult to come by, any damage to a classic vehicle during transport may be extremely costly to repair. To protect your investment, it is recommended that classic cars be transported via an enclosed transport by a vehicle transport company that has experience shipping classic cars.

A great place to start is by speaking with any mechanics that have worked on your car, and see if there are vehicle transport companies that your mechanic has already worked with, or with members of a local classic car club. Another method of finding reputable classic vehicle transport companies is to fill out the online form at the top of this page. Simply describe your car transport needs, and receive customized transport quotes from companies who are fully licensed and bonded, and have experience transporting classic vehicles.

Be sure to discuss the various transport options, and which options offer the best protection for your vehicle with your transporter. Ask about using closed, rather than open, transport, and about the procedures the vehicle transport company has in place for transporting classic cars. Clean your car thoroughly, and take detailed photographs to document the state of your vehicle prior to the pick-up inspection, which you and a rep from your vehicle transport company will conduct when they arrive to collect your car.

From an insurance point of view, your vehicle transport company should allow you to see their insurance certificate, and you should call your own company to determine whether you need to purchase additional insurance on your car during its transport.

Delivering Your Classic Car

Upon delivery of your classic car, there will be a second inspection with a representative of the company present; bringing your camera and the photos from your pick-up meeting to this inspection will give you the opportunity to compare the condition of your classic car at the beginning and end of its journey. Be sure to check hard-to-assess areas like the undercarriage of your classic car, and compare the photos from your first visit with your car’s state upon delivery. Classic vehicle transport is the safest way to ship your car from one side of the country to the other.