Transporting a Luxury Car

Transporting a Luxury Car

Finding the right company for transporting a luxury car is an important way of protecting both your monetary and emotional investment in your car.

A high-end luxury car is not only an investment, but an item with which an owner often has a close emotional connection to – so it’s no wonder that, when an individual chooses to move across the country, the average luxury car owner expects excellent service when transporting their car.

Protecting Your Luxury Car

As a luxury car, your vehicle should be shipped via an enclosed transport, which will help protect its details and finish from harm during its journey. You should take all the relevant steps you would take when prepping a “normal” car for transport, while, at the same time, putting extra care into documenting the condition of your luxury car with photographs. You may need to purchase additional insurance for your vehicle, and you should always ask your car transport company what their insurance covers – will their maximum coverage be enough to cover repairs of damage caused in transit?

If you are transporting a luxury car from abroad, make sure you know where there are manufacturer-approved facilities for its repair once it arrives in the United States. The manufacturer may be able to recommend car transporters or mechanics they have worked with in this country, which can help save you time if anything goes wrong during shipping.

Inspecting a Luxury Car

Make sure that when you conduct your pickup inspection with the representative from your car transport company, you read their assessment carefully and sign off only once you’re satisfied that their description of your luxury car is accurate. Too many customers walk away from their pickup inspection without giving enough attention to all details of their cars’ health – including turning on the engine and checking the undercarriage – and these details can be extremely important in diagnosing issues with luxury cars that have been shipped using a professional auto moving company.

Because of their high value, luxury cars need extra care and you should be comfortable with the company that is transporting yours. You should speak with representatives from several companies and look for competitive pricing, but, especially given the value of a high-end vehicle, feeling secure about the company you’re entrusting your car to is more important than looking for a cheap bottom line cost. Value for money is, of course, important, but the key word in this situation is value – not the cheapest quote you can come by.

Choosing the Right Transporter

To get quotes for a number of car transport companies who have experience transporting luxury cars over long distances, fill out the form above with some basic details about your car. You’ll be provided with instant online quotes that can help make your decision about who to let transport your luxury car a little bit easier, giving you a great starting point for finding the best company for your needs.