Questions to Ask Your Auto Mover

What is an auto mover? Many people find on moving day that they must either have additional cars transported to their new home, or simply have the primary car moved as they are flying to their new destination. This is common for people who are moving cross-country or to another country, since it is often much more economical to have the car transported than to try and drive it to the new location. These people hire auto movers, which are companies that specialize in the safe shipment of automobiles.

Therefore, it is important for anyone hiring a car shipping company to ask the following questions:

  1. Is the transport company licensed? And, how long has the company been licensed?
    This is the most important question. While, theoretically, anyone can claim to be an auto mover, since cars are large and easily destroyed if improperly secured, all states have licensing laws regarding auto shippers. An unlicensed company is sure to be trouble, as is a transporter which has lost and regained their license!
  2. How much will the auto mover charge?
    The cost of auto moving is dependent on the type of the vehicle, how far it needs to travel, and how it will be transported. It is important to have these costs locked down contractually before the vehicle is moved to ensure that no extra costs are racked up during the move. It is also a good idea to see if the fee can be reduced by transporting the vehicle at a later date or to a nearby city instead of the final destination. Many times, an auto move will cost hundreds of dollars to take a vehicle deep into an urban area, and they are willing to pass much of the savings on to the customer if the vehicle is delivered to a nearby suburb instead.
  3. What sort of transportation options are provided by the auto mover?
    In general, transporters use special trucks to move the cars around, and carry those same cars on board ships when crossing the ocean. It is important to choose a transportation method appropriate for the car. Cars which can withstand the weather can easily take an open transportation trailer, while vintage and collectible cars, generally, should not use open auto moving services. Ask your car transport company what sort of trailers they can offer.
  4. What sort of references can the auto mover provide?
    All it takes is one loose chain to turn a beautiful car into a smashed pile of wreckage by the highway. Does the transporter have a history of quality service? Can they point to happy customers and a good rating by the Better Business Bureau? Ideally, you want to hire car transport companies who will treat your car with the same sort of care that they would treat their own vehicle.
  5. What sort of insurance does this auto mover carry?
    A licensed auto mover is required by law to carry insurance, but it is always a good idea to check with your personal auto insurance company to verify what coverage it provides during auto transport.  Even a good driver may run afoul of bad weather or defective equipment, so this insurance is very important!
  6. These are just some of the most basic questions one should ask, and it is always important to shop around and research a company’s business history before hiring them. This not only ensures one gets the best deal, but that they hire a transporter that they know they can trust.

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