How to Choose Car Transport Companies

Car transport companies specialize in shipping vehicles from door to door, and shore to shore. The need for car transportation companies continues to grow as more and more people buy and sell cars online, and as individuals and organizations make long distance moves.

Precautions to Take When Choosing Between Car Transport Companies

There are certain precautions consumers should take to protect themselves and their vehicles:

  • Obtain quotes from multiple car transport companies.
  • Obtain proper documentation and information from references, the FMCSA, and the BBB.
  • Adequately prepare and insure the vehicle for transport.

While professional car transportation companies are the best choice for moving vehicles long distance, carefully selecting from among the auto transport companies vying for business is extremely important. Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to choose the car transporter best suited to service their individual needs.

Obtaining Quotes from Dependable Auto Shippers

Although a car can be repaired or replaced, it is usually the second most expensive property that any person will own. It is worthwhile and essential to take the proper steps to secure this cargo and ensure that it makes its way across the country safely and on time.

The first step to finding dependable auto shippers is to use our advanced search feature located at the top of this page. Using this search box, you can obtain car shipping quotes for the car transport companies in your area. These car shipping companies are known to be safe, reliable and punctual, and our price quoting service will allow you to compare the prices of local, dependable auto shippers who can move your vehicle on a car hauler without any cause for difficulty or concern.

A dependable car transport company will also, generally, develop a positive reputation among those who have relied upon them for their own car shipping needs. By speaking with people who have recently made a cross-country move and relied upon auto transporters to ship their vehicle, you can quickly get a sense of which car transporters are reliable and which are best avoided. If you will be moving to transfer to another branch of your company or to pursue a new job, it may be in your best interest to speak with the relocation experts at your company, or anyone else who can put you in touch with future or current co-workers who can relate their experiences with various companies to you.

Researching Auto Shippers

Even after gathering word of mouth, it pays to also do your own research into the company that you’ve chosen. Dependable auto shippers will use quality equipment, proven transportation methods and will be backed by insurance. Call your prospective auto shipping company and inquire about the age and maintenance records of their car haulers, as well as the amount of coverage provided by their insurance. Be sure to also ask about the amount of time that it will take for your car to arrive and any guarantees that will come into effect if that deadline is not met. Most car transportation companies will provide this information readily and will have regular records of car hauler inspections and maintenance. In addition, they will guarantee a partial or full refund if the car is not delivered on time as promised.

Methods Used to Ship Vehicles by Car Transport Companies

The most common methods car transport companies use to transfer vehicles are rail and trailer; however, ships are required for overseas shipping. The distance and method utilized for the move are determining factors in the cost of shipping. Most companies will provide phone and email quotes based on the origin and destination of the transport, the approximate date of departure, type of vehicle, and if the transport service is door to door or terminal to terminal. Most businesses offer a variety of specialized services, such as enclosed transport, to make moving a vehicle as safe, secure and convenient as possible. These options, if chosen, would be calculated in the original price quote.

Preparatory Steps to Secure a Car for Shipping by Car Transport Companies

Reputable vehicle moving companies will adequately prepare the vehicle for shipping, and also recommend that the customer take additional preparatory steps for safe and secure shipping. All valuables should be removed from the car, including stereos, DVD players and other electronics that are enticing to thieves. Car transport companies are in possession of vehicles for a number of days, and thefts can and do occur. A pre- and post-transport inspection with the vehicle owner and the transport driver will be performed to ensure that the vehicle arrives in the same condition it was picked up in.  This is required for the protection of all parties involved.

All car transport companies are required by law to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured, but additional coverage, either via your own auto insurance or through the transporter, would be a wise decision, and certainly worth the additional expense.

Moving cars long distances can be time consuming and expensive. Car transport companies provide services that make the entire process much easier, and actually save money. Because there are so many auto shippers in business, choosing a reputable firm can be challenging. It pays to research several companies before deciding which one to contract with. To get started, fill out the form above to get your a free car shipping quote from reputable car transport companies now!