Shipping Cars Cross Country

Shipping a car across country has grown from a little-known business that often required weeks of searching to locate a business that served your area, to a thriving service industry with loads of options that can be easily found on the Internet. Whether you’re considering a long-term or short-term move, auto transport can make relocating a much simpler, less stressful experience.

Tips for Shipping Cars Cross Country

To make the process even easier, consider the following tips when dealing with companies who specialize in shipping cars across country or international car shipping:

  • Be sure to schedule as early as possible. The earlier you begin looking for a company that offers car transport services, the more options you’ll have.
  • Make sure you have enough insurance coverage. Most companies shipping a car across country today have adequate insurance coverage for the vehicles they handle, but be sure to have a copy of any insurance policy the company enforces.
  • Check for damages. Before signing off on pickup or delivery, most companies that specialize in shipping cars will have a sign-off checklist to record any dings, dents, or other damages. Because any transport can result in minor damage, it’s essential that you take the time to carefully inspect your vehicle both before and after delivery, before signing any documents.
  • When shipping cars or other vehicles, do not leave personal items inside the vehicle. Transport can result in some bumping or jostling, even if the car is enclosed. For this reason, most companies recommend that spare tires, jacks, and other items that are usually kept in the car should be carefully secured to prevent damage.
  • Have the pickup and delivery dates in writing. Because traffic, weather, and other conditions can have an effect on the process of shipping car across country, these dates may vary. Most companies can give an accurate estimate of the delivery date once the car is in the shipping process.
  • Read the contract. While shipping a car a decade ago may have entailed little more than a handshake, today, transport involves signing specific contracts governing the entire process, from pickup to delivery. All companies that offer auto transport services will have their own contracts. When comparing companies, be sure to take special note of any and all fees that may be assessed. Some companies require all payments be made in cash or by cashier’s check, so be sure to inquire first.
  • Get references. In addition to recommendations from friends and co-workers, the Internet is a great source for references and reviews of companies that specialize in shipping cars. Also, check your local Better Business Bureau for any complaints about companies in your area.

Whether you’re temporarily relocating or making a life change, moving is a time of excitement and adventure. Shipping a car across country is one way to make your move easier and more convenient. Like any other moving service, take your time when comparing companies that specialize in shipping cars and your move will be smoother and more hassle-free. Fill out the form above to get your free car shipping quote now!