International Car Shipping Companies

When trying to find an international car shipping service shipping your auto to a foreign country, all kinds of complications and difficulties can arise. These complications can range from the annoying to the disastrous, and it’s critical that, as an auto owner, you make every effort to educate yourself in choosing international shipping companies that know the ins and outs of the customs situations in both the country your auto is leaving and the country it is arriving in.

Compare Quotes from International Car Shipping Companies

The first step in choosing an international shipping service is getting quotes from a number of competing companies and finding which company offers the best price and delivery combination. You should be aware that international transport can cost significant amounts (depending on the distance your car is going to travel), and, depending on exchange rates between the country of origin and the destination country, the cost of shipping your car internationally can be significantly higher than a comparable distance within the same country.

Research International Auto Transport Companies

Once you have obtained a few quotes from companies which offer the option of international car shipping (which you can do by filling out the form at the bottom of this page), you should do some independent research on those companies and seek out references from previous customers who have had their cars shipped with your auto transport companies of choice. The web is a great resource for this kind of information search: type in the name of the company (being aware that some disreputable auto transport companies change their names to avoid dealing with hassles from previous customers), and see what their previous customers have to say about the auto transport company’s shipping expertise and the way their vehicles were treated during their transport.

Here’s some reviews of major international shipping companies that offer various options for moving cars and household goods all over the world:

Read Consumer Reviews to Help Make a Decision

After you have some clear idea of what to expect thanks to these consumer reviews, start calling the international shipping companies you feel you have the highest regard for from among the quotes that you’ve been provided. Ask the company sales representative for information on the number of cars they ship from your country of origin to the country of destination, whether they’ve had difficulties shipping internationally, and what kinds of cars they specialize in transporting. This is also a good time to ask them about what aspects of international shipping they handle, as opposed to what part of the process you, as the car owner, will be responsible for.

The international movers representative should be able to provide you with all this information (and hopefully more), and you should feel secure and confident about entrusting your automobile or other vehicle to the company. Don’t let sales reps pressure you into committing to anything over the phone. Ask to see information on the company’s insurance certificate, and talk to your own insurance company about whether you need to purchase additional coverage for your vehicle’s international moving.

At, all our vehicles are in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety standards, and they have up to date broker bonds and carrier insurance. It’s important that the company you choose have an equivalent certification in the country your auto is going to.

With just a few details about your car and its destination, we can provide you with quotes for qualified international car shipping companies who can help your car make its journey. Don’t delay!