How Car Transporter Quotes Are Determined

Hiring a reputable car transporter is as easy as filling out the quote form and supplying the transport company with basic vehicle facts. More often than not, consumers hesitate to even consider shipping a car for fear of the costs involved; in some cases, this leads to the hasty sale of a vehicle rather than having it transported. The latter could turn out to be by far the more cost effective decision. Learning how car shipping quotes are determined is the first step to becoming an informed consumer who makes savvy fiscal decisions when the need for an automobile transport arises.

Auto Transport Quotes are Based on Origin and Destination

Car transporting agencies charge by the mile. It is less expensive to ship a vehicle from Colorado to California, than it is to ship it from Colorado to New York. This component of the overall car shipping costs helps the agency to defray the expenses of fuel, labor required to load and unload the vehicle multiple times, permit filings and fees associated with using one or more public transport providers, and insurance requirements.

Type of Vehicle

This option allows you to enter the general description of the type of car you need to have shipped. A small car will cost less to ship than a large SUV, and an RV or other large item will have a similar effect on making your auto transport more costly.

Year, Make and Model

You must provide this information to the companies you request quotes from, as it allows them to accurately anticipate the transport needs of your car. If you’ve purchased a classic or luxury car online and are having it shipped back to your home, or if you are moving and need your car to be taken care of on its journey, the auto transport company you’re using must know what kind of car they are transporting. This can impact not only the method by which the car is shipped, but also the transporter’s insurance policy. Your own car insurance may also be impacted depending on what kind of year, make and model of car you are getting transport quotes for.

Condition of Your Vehicle

This is a simple question with only two answers: running and non-running, but the implication is significant. A running car is far easier to load when car moving, while a non-running car will require your auto transport company to use additional equipment.

Special Handling Requirements

A car transporter must charge more for transporting a virtually priceless luxury automobile than a run of the mill daily driver. While transporting agencies take great care with each and every vehicle that is entrusted to them, there are specific rules that must be followed when transporting a collector car. The transporter’s insurer requires specific shipping methods to diminish the risk of any accident or minor scratch to the vehicle, which serves to greatly increase the overall shipping and handling labor costs. This expense is passed on to the consumer.

Sometimes, it is also the original shipper who will require the transporting agency to observe a number of rules; this is true if the shipper is a car dealership that seeks to ensure the arrival of a perfect car at the consumer’s destination.

At times, it is also the consumer, who either increases or decreases the car transporter quote. For example, a consumer who specifies that a car may not be driven by personnel, but may only be transported with the help of a tow vehicle or by crane while in a crate, increases the expense of the overall transport.

Size and Weight of the Vehicle

Another deciding factor in determining car transporter quotes is the size and weight of the vehicle that is being shipped. Smaller cars take up less room on a conveyance, and, thus, more of them may be shipped. This, in turn, allows the vehicle transporting agency to do more business and drives down the price for the consumer. The same is true for the weight. The lighter the car is, the more vehicles the transporter may include in the delivery. On the flipside, big and heavy vehicles greatly reduce the number of cars which may be shipped overall; therefore, they are more expensive to ship.

Decreasing a Car Transporter Quote

A consumer may decrease the cost of transport if he or she is a member of a vehicle club and encourages members to utilize the same vehicle transporting agency. This may be apropos for an event to which members like to bring their personal vehicles, necessitating the services of a reputable car transporter.

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